StratMin Global Resources Plc

The investment case

  • StratMin has strategically invested in companies and projects with the most sought after form of graphite - large flake size with a processed total graphitic carbon content of 90-98%.
  • Graphite has a growing importance in high end technology and green energy applications, in addition to its critical conventional applications.
  • Every use of Graphite is totally consumptive, there is no recycling, creating a stable and growing market for primary product.
  • Global consumption increased from 600,000t in 2000 to 1.3mt in 2015.
  • 70% of world supply currently comes from China, BUT...
    • Easily mined Chinese surface deposits are dwindling.
    • Chinese graphite lacks in quality and consistency.
    • Production costs are increasing in China with mineral regulation and environmental protection systems being enforced, eliminating marginal producers.
    • Chinese government has implemented a 20% export duty on graphite and 17% VAT*.
    • The world is looking for alternative flake graphite sources - USA and the EU have classified it as a critical resource.
  • Primary large flake graphite concentrate sells for up to US$1,500/t depending on the size of the flakes and the purity of the carbon.