StratMin Global Resources Plc

Strategic partners

Tirupati Carbons and Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Tirupati is a privately owned second generation graphite producer and trading company based in India with international development projects and worldwide sales and marketing of flake graphite concentrates. Over a number of years Tirupati has designed and engineered a range of low cost graphite processing technologies. Through this sustained R&D effort, Tirupati has successfully developed a capability to deliver modular graphite production operations at the lowest CAPEX dollar per ton rate in the world. Tirupati has grown from a trading business into an integrated exploration, development, operations and trading business with significant IP in engineering and in house fabrication of graphite processing plant. The company has also developed a range of technologies in downstream graphite processing enabling significant value to be added to flake concentrates and customer specific requirements to be met. This fully integrated business model creates a critical differentiation in the market with Tirupati uniquely controlling production quality from source.

Bass Metals Ltd (ASX:BSM)

Bass is an Australian listed company that was a Joint Venture partner with Stratmin in the Graphmada project. In Q3 2016 bought 100% of the project in a cash and equity deal leaving Stratmin as a significant investor. The transaction with Bass enabled Stratmin to monetise its investment in Graphmada whilst retaining equity exposure as Bass expands operations. In addition the cash component of the transaction enabled Stratmin to fund other projects including the Joint Venture with Tirupati and diversification.