StratMin Global Resources Plc

Environment policy

Stratmin is committed to the highest international standards of corporate and social responsibility regardless of the location of projects and investments. The company actively engages with local stakeholders to ensure appropriate policy and operations are in place to meet these standards.

The company currently has significant interests in Madagascar, a country  regarded as having a unique biosphere, with more than 80% of flora and fauna being endemic to the island. The Malagasy government created the Malagasy Office of the Environment in the late 1980s, and signed the National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP), the most ambitious and comprehensive environmental program in Africa.

The National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP)

The NEAP was launched operationally in 1991 with the following objectives:

  • Manage the national heritage of biodiversity in protected areas, in conjunction with sustainable development of surrounding areas
  • Improve human living conditions through protection and better management of natural resources, emphasizing watershed protection, reforestation, agro- forestry, and improved water supply and sanitation
  • Promote environmental education, training, and communication
  • Improve policy and management
  • Establish mechanisms for research, managing data, and monitoring the environment

Due to the fact that no formalized ‘best practices’ framework is in place for mining companies in Madagascar, the Company engaged Malagasy environmental consultants from AGETIPA (Agence d'Exécution des Travaux d'Intérêt Public d'Antananarivo) to ensure compliance with the NEAP and its principles. Furthermore, the Company has adopted an internationally accepted best practice guideline to help it continuously improve its social, environmental, and health and safety performance, and to comprehensively integrate these three aspects into all of their exploration and mine development work.

StratMin Global Resources has implemented the following concepts and principles for responsible mining related activities:

  • To have proper management systems in place that will ensure sound practices with sustainable development
  • Consult with local land users before conducting any mining related activities
  • Conduct mining activities in accordance with internationally accepted ‘best practices’ guidelines
  • To be sensitive to local customs and beliefs when conducting mining activities through continuous consultation with the community
  • Manage the environment by reclaiming unused excavations, roads and other disturbances where possible and to re-vegetate reclaimed areas to avoid water, soil and air pollution