StratMin Global Resources Plc

Making a sustainable difference in the

Community commitment

StratMin Global Resources has an obligation to the communities where we operate and to be socially responsible through our actions. Investment in projects brings employment opportunities to the surrounding area that benefit through wages and salaries, local purchases of goods and services, investment in infrastructure and paying local taxes, license fees and levies.

However, the company recognizes that the commitment to the community extends beyond the economic benefits of day to day operations. As such, StratMin Global Resources enters into social responsibility programs in the local communities to support projects or activities for the uplift of the general community.

An example of this is the construction of a dam and water management system in rural Madagascar. This project has enabled local farmers to reclaim land for a rice-farming project and control water disbursement from the catchment during the tropical high rainfall season. This infrastructure investment has improved the local economy with increased agricultural opportunity and improved safety.